Sunday Stamps: U- UNESCO and UAR

Sunday Stamps this week features the letter U

U like ….UNESCO or UAR- I found some matching stamps which combines the both.

I love the UNESCO world heritage– who doesn’t know about UNESCO should check out the complete list.

UNESCO world heritage site

The two stamps are showing the UNESCO world heritage: Monuments of Nubia.

First stamp is from 1959 and shows the Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel.

Second stamp is from 1964 and shows Horus in front of the Nefertari Temple at Abu Simbel.

Abu Simbel is located in the south of Egypt, at the border with Sudan. Did you know that the Temples of Abu Simbel were forgotten and covered with sand? In the 19 th century British archeologists found them and started to uncover them. Then in 1960s UNESCO started the biggest campaign to save the Temples from rising waters of the nearby lake. They deconstructed the Temples stone by stone and builded it again on a higher place. It was the biggest campaign in the history of UNESCO.

Abu Simbel is one of the hottest places in Egypt. In summer the average temperature is about 40 degree celsius.

UAR – United Arab Republic

UAR – stands for United Arab Republic. The UAR only existed 1958 until 1961 and was a political union between Egypt and Syria. It was a real state and the hope for building a much bigger union between the arabic states. But this hope was an illusion and Syria realized, that Egypt only wanted to rule over Syria for their profit. The capital was Kairo and all influence was from Egypt.

Syria was leaving the UAR in 1961 with a uprising of Syrian army and the result was the Syrian independence and the restoration of the „Syrian Republic“.

Egypt kept the name United Arab Republic for themselves, until 1971. Then Egypt changed their name into „Arabic Republic of Egypt“. This is why you can find stamps with the UAR until 1971.