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Welcome to Philatelic Stories!

I want to take you on an adventure with me: Exploring the stories behind stamps, cards and letters.

Mostly I will write in english, because I love the idea of connecting and exchanging thoughts and stories all over the world. But as English is not my first language, I am sorry for errors in spelling and grammar.

Let me introduce myself:

I am a female collector of stamps, cards and letters. I love everything connected with vintage and history. I do not collect to have a collection, but to learn about the world and to discover the stories behind. I am interested in storytelling and writing. I would say, that I am a poet. I write poetry for fun and I love to see the world in a poetic sense. I enjoy life, traveling and experiencing other cultures. I am born in Germany and at the moment I am located in Austria.

But my second home is Tunisia. I am in love with North Africa and I live some month of the year there. This is why my special interest in collecting turns out to be North Africa.

There are different definitions of which countries are included, but for me and my interest this would mainly be:

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt

But I love also other countries with arabian culture and I love to discover interesting mail from all over the world. On this site, I will not only show you my favorite countries, but stamps, letters and stories from all over the world.

I love to connect traveling, history, storytelling and stamp collecting.

map from 1815

Favorite Ressources:

Here I will share some of my favorite resources. Every time I discover something interesting, I will add it here.

World wide stamp database:

Stamp/ postcards community: (german)

History of North Africa/ Middle East: 

Postal History of Tunisia:


Albert Hourani: A History of the Arab Peoples

Edward W. Said: Orientalism

Woman traveling in the Middle East: 


Getrude Bell: A Woman in Arabia- The Writings of the Queen of the Desert

Getrude Bell: Complete Letters

Jane Fletcher Geniesse: Passionate Nomad: The Life of Freya Stark

Freya Stark: The Southern Gates of Arabia: A Journey in the Hadhramaut